Company Logos

A logo serves as a symbol or design that distinguishes a company or organisation, along with its products, services, and personnel. At its core, a logo acts as an identifier, enabling recognition and remembrance of a company amidst others. Additionally, it functions as the primary visual representation of a business, essentially becoming its public face.

Graphic Illustration

Graphic illustrations can be found in a wide range of mediums including books, magazines, advertisements, websites, and digital platforms. Graphic illustrations serve various purposes such as enhancing the visual appeal of a product or publication, communicating complex ideas in a simplified manner, evoking emotions, or simply adding aesthetic value.

Catalogue Images

Matthew has produced a variety of company catalogues within the industry, including an automotive catalogue for a well-known brand specializing in remanufactured car steering. The project also incorporated supportive user guides aimed at assisting customers in selecting the appropriate product.

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