The client sought a revamped logo to better encapsulate their company’s identity and enhance their branding within the marketplace. They desired colours that harmonized with their establishment’s decor, while ensuring differentiation from competitors. Polly Kettle, an independent family-operated tearoom, is dedicated to showcasing local Orkney handcrafts. Their cuisine is meticulously crafted from locally sourced ingredients, prepared from scratch, and infused with a touch of love.

MattIssa Wife Graphics Sub Page


The graphic holds profound significance for Matt as it portrays his beloved late wife, Monica. This artwork was crafted for the first time using a graphics tablet, resulting in something truly remarkable. Monica’s image now features prominently on Matt Issa’s webpage as a submenu. Whenever he visits his webpage, he is greeted by the comforting presence of his cherished wife, watching over him.

Remy Automotive Power Steering Rack/Pump Catalogue


The client, a prominent automotive remanufacturing company, is in need of a fresh set of catalogues for their steering rack and pump range. Utilizing new templates, both covers were redesigned to effectively showcase the product range and ensure clarity for their customers.

Other Projects

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